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LimoDirect Insurance Coverage

When it comes to limousine insurance programs, Lancer’s LimoDirect has the commercial auto liability, collision and general liability coverages you need.

Limo Insurance
Coverage Highlights

Commercial Auto Liability Insurance

Physical Damage/ Collision Insurance

Limousine Liability Insurance

We provide the commercial limousine insurance program coverage limits you need — up to $5 million per occurrence — to compensate those injured in your accident involving your insured vehicle. Find out more about Limousine Liability Insurance.

Limo Collision/Physical Damage Insurance

When one of your limousines is involved in an accident our physical damage/collision coverage will get your vehicle repaired and back in money making service ASAP. We have a variety of Limo Insurance deductibles from $1,000 up to $25,000. Find out more about Limo Collision/Physical Damage Insurance.

Limo General Liability Insurance

The coverage limits for general liability vary and we can help you decide what coverage fits you best. Learn more about General Liability Insurance.

Say Goodbye to Costly Premium finance charges

Pay your premiums with a variety of payment methods options including Visa or MasterCard.

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