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LimoDirect's Free Loss Recovery Program

Our industry's finest claims team assists our policyholders, at absolutely no cost to them, recover monies from other insurance companies for out-of-pocket expenses which are either below their collision deductible or not insured, including cost of replacement vehicle(s), vehicle downtime and related revenues and expenses.

Lancer's LimoDirect Loss Recovery Program is a free policyholder benefit which allows you to keep 100% of monies recovered on your behalf versus paying a vendor a 30%-50% fee for recovering your money.

It's all pretty simple.

We assign one professional limousine claims expert to your case who quickly locates the adverse party and promptly sets up the claim on your behalf with the other insurance company. This step allows you to avoid a subrogation audit and provides you the opportunity to give an early notice of "loss of use" of your affected limousine. 

Our professional then documents your claim and guides you through the process including:

  • Sending estimates and photographs for you providing loss of use documentation such as revenue reports, contracts, replacement vehicles, etc.;
  • Obtaining an agreed cost of repair;
  • And, most importantly, getting your limousine back on the road in revenue service.

Here's what our policyholders have to say about our Loss Recovery Program:

“Lancer’s loss recovery service has saved us almost $390,000! Over the past five years, Lancer has recovered almost $1.3 million in property damage and loss of use for us. We used to pay around 30% for third-party loss recovery, but with Lancer, it’s included as part of a comprehensive benefits package. Lancer knows how important loss recovery is for a limo company. That’s why they provide the service — and fight so hard for every dollar we’re due.”

Rich Doherty
Director, National Fleet Services
EmpireCLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services
Secaucus, NJ
Lancer customer since 2006


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