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Add or Delete A Vehicle

Please indicate if new vehicle is: 
an additional vehicle a replacement a deletion hired auto (Representative will contact you)
Effective date of policy change: / /
Vehicle Identification No. (VIN) of new vehicle: (required)
Year Make  Model  Stretch Length
New vehicle State of Registration
Registered Owner
If replacement, Vehicle I.D. Number (VIN) or year, make, model of deleted vehicle:
If replacement, are plates being transferred to replacement vehicle?  Yes
If no, the following documentation* is required to remove a vehicle:

    Proof of license plate surrender
    • Copy of receipt from DMV
    • Bill of sale
    Proof of Lease turn in
    • Lease termination paperwork OR
    • Odometer statement at end of lease
    Proof of other insurance for that vehicle

* One of the above items must be received by our office prior to the removal of a vehicle from your policy. The vehicle will be removed effective the day after the plates were surrendered, the lease was terminated or the vehicle was otherwise insured.

Documentation may be forwarded via:
    • U.S. MAIL: LimoDirect, 370 West Park Avenue, Long Beach, NY 11561
    • FAX: (516) 889-9130
    • E-MAIL attachment:

Name of Loan/Lease Company:
Address (street):
(city): , (state & zip): (tel): -
Requested Coverages
(Liability coverages must be same as existing policy)
    Specified Perils:
    Collision Deductible:
    Actual Cash Value:

Some transactions may require additional information and/or documentation. Please provide your e-mail address or a daytime telephone number.

If confirming paperwork is not received within 5 business days, please telephone our office at 800-782-8902 x3042.

(Policy Number) (Named Insured)
(Tel.) - - (Time to Call) :   am   pm
(Fax No.) - - (e-mail)


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